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Print is not Dead: Reasons to Consider Catalog Printing

We live in a digital age, which may have you thinking that catalog printing is now obsolete. The truth is that there are some definite advantages to using print catalogs, a few of which are listed below.

Print is more engaging-People are more likely to skim websites, spending only a few seconds on them in many cases. In comparison, they tend to read print catalogs more slowly and thoroughly, taking time to digest what is on the pages rather than simply skimming over them and then tossing the publication aside.

Print catalogs can be read anywhere-Some customers may not have Internet access or could find themselves unable to access it from time to time. If they have a print copy of your catalog, they can look at it regardless of where they are at, making it more convenient than an online version.

Print gives more detail-Your customers will be able to see better images whenever they are displayed in print form. As a result, they are more likely to be drawn in by your products, and want to make a purchase as a result.

People trust paper publications-Some people fear making purchases over the Internet because they feel it is not secure to do so. Others may become annoyed whenever they experience popup ads or fear a website might misuse their private information. These individuals will feel far more comfortable ordering from a print catalog because they will have the opportunity to order by mail or phone instead.

Catalogs can contain QR codes-If you would like to truly bridge the gap between digital and paper publications, consider adding QR codes to your catalog so that people can scan them with their smart phones for more information.

There are still a number of reasons why you should consider print catalogs to showcase your merchandise. To find out more, contact us.

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