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Why You Should Consider Bulk Mailing Services for Your Business

While advertising can certainly lead to more customers, you should make it a goal to make advertising as cost-efficient as possible, which will increase the value of your new customers. For instance, instead of choosing direct mail marketing by sending the mail on your own, you should look into bulk mail.

Using bulk mail from mailing services will provide you with a number of key benefits.

Save Money on Postage

The main benefit of bulk mail is that you get to enjoy postage savings. With discounted rates, you can afford to send more mail out to potential customers or invest the savings into your business in other ways.

Sending mail on your own means you need to get your own postage permit, which requires an annual fee. However, when you use mailing services instead you get to use their permit instead.

Multiple Options

Fortunately, when you use bulk mail, you have two options to choose from, Standard or First Class. Since Standard has no guaranteed delivery date and can take upwards of 10 days to deliver, it is excellent for general advertising without upcoming events or savings with expiration dates.

First Class is the best option if you want to get the message out quickly. However, with proper planning, even for timed events or holiday savings, you should be able to use Standard mail successfully.

Quick and Effective

When you are able to combine printing services with mailing services, the amount of responsibility on your hands is quite minimal, once you send in the final print. If you are starved on time, you will find that bulk mailing services is a great way to advertise your business in an affordable and efficient manner.

If you have any questions about bulk mail or want to use our services, contact us today.

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