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Booklet & Catalog Printing Las Vegas

Booklet & Catalog Printing Las Vegas

Spectrum Color Printing LLC, a Las Vegas-based commercial printing company and booklet printer, specializes in delivering affordable booklet printing services. Whether you are based nationally or internationally in cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Boise, Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Raleigh, or Dallas, our sheet-fed and web offset 4-color and 8-color presses ensure vivid full-color images on high-quality paper substrates.

When it comes to booklet printing, we emphasize the importance of creating informative and engaging content that goes beyond overt sales pitches. Your booklets should provide value to customers, encouraging them to refer to the material repeatedly. While promotional elements can be included, the primary focus should be on delivering valuable information.

Here's a guide on how to create a successful printed booklet:

  1. Start with the Basics: Identify what your customers want to know and build your booklet around addressing their needs. Make the content interesting and engaging to create a valuable resource.

  2. Insert the Marketing Angle: Determine the next steps for your customers. What actionable steps can they take after learning from your booklet? Include marketing elements that guide them to learn more or make a purchase, strategically placed within the content.

  3. Design and Content: Once you have your topic and marketing angle, collaborate with a graphic designer and copywriter to bring your plan to life. Thoughtful layouts, intelligent copy, large images, coupons, handouts, and other calls to action contribute to lively and engaging booklet printing services.

  4. Print Booklets: Opt for trusted paper stocks for the cover, such as 80-pound or 100-pound gloss text stock or 12 or 14-point 100-percent recycled matte or gloss stock. For inside pages, 80-pound or 100-pound gloss text or a 70-pound recycled stock works well. Choose binding options like perfect binding, Wire-O, or saddle stitch binding for a professional finish.

  5. Distribution: Once your booklets are printed, target a well-thought-out mailing list for distribution. Delivering the right message with the right offer to the right audience ensures the success of your printed booklets.


At Spectrum Color Printing, we've been providing superior printing and service since 2006, catering to small business marketers, owners, and graphic designers. Our state-of-the-art capabilities, experienced print professionals, and commitment to customer satisfaction guarantee quality, consistent color matching, and on-time delivery. is your go-to partner for achieving printing success.

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