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Las Vegas Postcard Printing Strategies

Postcard Marketing Postcard Strategies



Spectrum Color Printing & Mailing - Las Vegas Printers specializes in full-color postcards providing standard quality, custom quotes, and premium quality postcards online. Direct-mail postcard printing services represent one of the most popular marketing mediums today, and for good reason: Full-color post cards sell! Return on investment is critical, and low-cost business postcards afford you the opportunity to market to even a larger audience on a budget. You can dramatically boost your response rate even more by incorporating the following postcard marketing strategies. Whether you’re in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Boise, Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Raleigh even Dallas Texas Spectrum Color Printing Will Print postcards and ship postcards regionally or nationally. Our 4-color, 8-color presses produce vivid full-color images.


Get a Targeted List


Two things are crucial to online postcard printing success: the quality of your mailing list and the caliber of your offer. Without either, your postcard printer is destined for failure, but with them, your postcard printing services are primed for success. The 40/40/20 direct mail rule of direct marketing at 40 percent of your success is dependent on your list, so invest in a well-defined list comprised of your target audience. These are individuals or businesses whose demographics match those of your best customers, who have the desire and/or need for what you sell, and who have the means to afford it. The beauty of a quality list is that your audience already wants what you're selling, so all you have to do is provide an incentive. Which leads us to...?


Promote a Call to Action

Another 40 percent of your premium quality colorful postcard mailer success is dependent on your offer. Approach this from a customer's perspective: What would it take for you to act? A great discount, or a powerful cross-promotion, or a free giveaway are all response-eliciting techniques. Your printed postcard offer must have impact and value. It should give your audience something they really want with a price tag or other benefit that blows their minds. A free consultation is not a good offer - everybody offers those. A free year of support services, however, could be just what your customers want! Make your offer time-sensitive so your audience responds sooner rather than later.



Craft compelling copy, draft dynamic design

Your postcard copy and design should work together to deliver your message, highlight your features and benefits, and collect readers' eyes to your offer and call to action. Contrasting colors, using gloss varnish, UV gloss or matte finishes on both sides, bold headlines, balanced visuals, and other elements help your readers focus on the most important information; effectively helping them to determine that they need what you're selling and that right now is the time to buy. Collectively, your design, copy and all other factors comprise the remaining 20 percent of the 40/40/20 rule.



Use a clear call to action and add value



Identify exactly what it is you want your business postcard audience to do when they read your postcard: Should they call a phone number, visit a website, return a form, visit a physical location or respond in some other way? Make sure it is easy for your audience to respond, and offer multiple response channels if possible. Some of your postcard printer recipients might prefer to speak on the phone, while others might be more interested in visiting a website. Add value to your full-color postcard mailer by including an athletic or entertainment schedule, valuable coupons, informative tips, or other information that might bring your audience to tack your postcard to the fridge or bulletin board. Some of the best colorful postcards ever mailed have a shelf-life of years - talk about an excellent branding opportunity! Another way to add value to your full-color postcard is to mail it first class. Bulk mail is often considered junk mail and can be trashed before it's looked at. First-class mail denotes something important and worth reading.



Test and track results



If you're mailing a large number of colorful printed postcards, test different versions on small verticals of your list before deciding on a final version. Make small changes to determine what works and what doesn't. Sometimes a single word change in your headline can boost response by several percentage points. No matter how large your mailing list is, always track your response so you can make adjustments for your next campaign.  Postcard marketing is one of the best ways to boost business, especially when you incorporate the business postcard marketing tips available. Don't be afraid to try something new and fun - you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. Keep these full-color postcard marketing strategies at the front of your mind when you plan your next direct-mail postcard marketing campaign, and you're bound to see and increase in your return on investment.



Top 5 Ways to Market Your Business with Postcards



Full-color postcards are the most influential and economical way to achieve a response through direct mail postcard marketing. With the right online postcard printing comprised of a highly targeted list and audience, you can use full-color postcards to motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process, boost your lead ratio, and drive sales through the roof.



Here are the top 5 ways to market your business with postcards:



1. Web traffic

Postcard-to-website marketing known as PURL campaigns has recently been shown to be the single most effective direct-marketing technique in the nation. In fact, online marketing techniques often pale in comparison to the response achieved by traditional postcard marketing. While online marketing can produce volume, postcard marketing produces targeted visitors who already want what you're selling. Send a custom business postcard with a great offer and a special URL to visit or a special coupon code to use to redeem the offer. By doing so, you're not only able to drive responses; you're able to track it as well. More on this later… Call Spectrum for details 800-450-1619



2. Ask for referrals

Ask your current customers for referrals to others who would benefit from your products and services. In return, you can offer a special discount. Many postcard printer companies extend a discount to both the referring person and the new lead. Word of mouth is by far the best marketing method in existence: It cannot truly be bought or sold, and people trust the opinions of friends and family.



3. Invitations

Promote in-store sales and other events with colorful postcards. Include coupons redeemable on special event dates so you can track responses. Treat your prospects as VIPs to get attention quickly, and make sure they know when, where and how to redeem your offer.



4. Thank-you cards

A quick thank-you color postcard is one of the best ways to encourage repeat business. Your customers want to feel valued and that their business is appreciated, and postcard mailings are a special way to express this. For even more impact, include a customer coupon on your postcard, which will also help you track the effectiveness of your thank-you campaign.



5. Newsletter

Companies can always benefit from publishing newsletters for their customers, but they don't always have enough news or the time to create content to fill an entire four-page standard newsletter. Enter the newsletter postcard, or news card, which lets you feature two or three small items of importance each month. Print postcards online with one feature on the back, or address side, of your postcard and two others on the front for maximum impact. Online postcard printing are a powerful promotional tool that are also economical to print and mail. Check out Spectrumcolorprinting for postcard printing prices. If you have a highly targeted mailing list, an excellent offer and a strong call to action, your full-color postcard marketing efforts will be handsomely rewarded.





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