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Web Offset Printing: The Best Benefits for Large-Scale Printing Projects

Web offset printing may sound like something more recent, but it's actually a very old printing method. The basic principle behind it has long held, even if the technical details have changed. That basic system is the ability to print on a continuous roll of paper rather than on individual sheets as we see with home printers. It's a process printing companies have used since the 1870s when the very first offset printing press was created in England.

By the time it was being utilized in America, it was essentially discovered by happenstance. A printer ultimately found out printing directly onto a rubber cylinder looked better than printing with stone.

Since then, offset printing has become common by any company that prints large-scale projects, including us here at Spectrum Color Printing and Mailing.

You may be surprised at the benefits you'll receive by using offset printing through us. Just because a printing method is older doesn't mean you're going to lose anything in quality.

Offset Printing Looks Better Than Digital

Yes, it's true that when you use offset printing for a book, catalog or other extensive printing project, the quality of the colors are going to look better than digital. The reason is that you're using real ink rather than toner. Using the standard method of ink gives a richness of detail that digital can't manage to do. When you're creating something for promotional purposes, having brighter colors is going to make a considerable difference in the wow factor.

More Affordable

Our offset printing presses are designed to work fast for the sake of getting extensive printing projects done on a schedule. Because it takes less time, it costs less than having something printed digitally. There also isn't anything overly technical considering we use metal plates for the printing that aren't costly to produce.

Better Variety of Finishes and Paper Types

If you're looking for a specific paper type for your printing project, offset printing can accomplish that much easier and in less time. The process can do the same with many different finishes to add unique stylization to a newspaper, magazine or other large publication. While digital offers the same, it takes more technical know-how and time to set these options.

For those wanting to start a local newspaper, magazine or other regularly-printed publication, offset printing is simply going to be necessary. Come visit us here at Spectrum Color Printing & Mailing for all those web offset printing projects you need done on a tight schedule.

Contact us and we'll tell you about our pricing plans, which you'll appreciate if you're working on a budget.


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