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Five Unique Places to Distribute Your Flyers

Flyers are one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business, and because they're so affordable they present outstanding creative design opportunities. Everybody distributes flyers on bulletin boards and telephone poles; but there are other, more unique places you can tack your flyers so they'll get more attention from lack of competition.

1. Mail Each month, you send out a certain number of bills or pieces of mail. Every time you send out any piece of mail, you should place a flyer inside the envelope with the bill, etc. You never know how many sets of hands your mail will go through when it has been opened. Also, put your URL or other company information on the outside of the envelope, so everyone who handles your mail will see it.

2. Strategically placed handbills Instead of just leaving handbills everywhere, think about where your flyer will get some attention. Subway seats are an excellent example. People spend a few minutes on the subway, and finding your flyer will at least give them something to read. You can also target staff at restaurants and cafes. Why not leave a flyer on an empty table? Another choice is to leave it with your tip. Being creative will catch the person’s attention and motivate them to read what you have left behind.

3. Books Often when someone has a book, they need a bookmark. Why not provide it by placing a flyer in a book? Every time they open their book, they will be looking at your information. You may want to discuss this idea with the bookstore owner or librarian. They may be fine with your idea, or offer another solution such as putting some information in the window or on the counter.

4. Laundromats Many people wait around for their laundry to finish, so they have the time to read whatever is placed within the laundry facility. Many Laundromats have bulletin boards, providing the ideal place to post a flyer. You may want to use a tabbed flyer where people can tear off tabs that contain your information.

5. Pay phones While most people have some type of cell phone, there are still plenty of pay phones available. Some people even use a pay phone booth or area to gain some privacy when speaking on their cell phones. Like a Laundromat, the person using the pay phone area is going to be there for a few moments. This gives them plenty of time to read through any flyers that are on display. You also have the added values of people walking by who may see your flyer. As with the book placement suggestion, if the pay phone is placed in or near a store, you may want to verify with the store owner or manager if it is alright for you to leave your flyers there.

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