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Short Run Book Printing Tips to Help Save You Money and Your Writing Career

Short run printing has numerous benefits to first-time authors who want to market a book without wanting to spend their life savings printing more books than they'll likely sell. In the realm of PR, it can also be an excellent method in helping to promote your book. But, overall, you should think about other money-saving production aspects to your book that are decided before the short run printing process. Using Short Runs for the Media In the world of PR, you want to have advance copies available to help promote your book. Many authors decide to print just 50 to 100 books as advanced reading copies. These won't be copies sold in stores and merely used to help gain publicity for the book as well as help secure endorsements. Creating Review Copies Short run printing copies can also be used to send out for reviews for marketing purposes. You may only need a small amount of books to send out for publicity blurbs that can be printed on the back of the book later. You save money only printing the amount of books you actually need for review rather than being stuck with thousands of publicity copies that never get used. Keep in mind that even those who publish ebooks will want to print physical short run copies of their book. This makes it much easier in proliferating the book for publicity purposes. Considering Your Materials You should think about the format of your book and the material it's made of when doing your short run printing to save you even more money. While you may want a custom size to your book, going with a standard size will be much more cost effective. Lighter weight page paper also helps you save. Plus, creating a paperback cover may help you garner more interest in your book than a more expensive hardback might. With everyone looking for bargains in books, paperback is both economically smart and a smart marketing tactic. All of these things can be discussed in advance here at Spectrum Color Printing & Mailing before we do your short run print. We're here to make sure the printing project you want is done right and with excellent quality. Contact us about our printing options, including digital, offset, graphic design, and large format printing. We'll prove that you can make your book project look professional without needing to spend a fortune.

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