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The Go-To Guide For Newsletter Design Before Sending it to the Printers

Rather than scour the internet for an array of answers regarding important aspects of newsletter design, let us help you out with the go-to guide; all you really need to know about newsletter design. Set Your Parameters Decide on the basics of your newsletter before you start creating design and content. Will your newsletter be black and white or full color? What size newsletter are you envisioning? Are you desiring glossy or matte prints? Defining these items first will help you set the parameters for your content and design in the subsequent steps. Keep your budget in mind when making your decisions. Focus on your audience who is the intended target of your newsletter? You must keep this audience in mind throughout your newsletter design process. You want to create a newsletter that is relevant for your audience. The content and design should make the newsletter interesting for your audience to read. Ideally your newsletter will create curiosity and provide important details. Consistent Design A consistent design is key for your newsletter. You want your audience to find the newsletter easy to read. A newsletter that has changing color schemes or a haphazard design can be confusing for the reader. Seeing columns and sections repeat themselves makes a newsletter easier to read. Keep the header and footer the same on each page. Use consistent font throughout your newsletter particularly for the headlines. Consider matching your newsletter design to your other branding initiatives such as your website. Have your brand be the first thing the customer sees and the last thing as well. Keep it Simple A jam-packed newsletter is overwhelming for the reader. They may conclude it is too much work to read the entire thing and just toss it. You need to determine which information is necessary to include in your newsletter. Keep in mind you don't want a cluttered newsletter. Leaving some white space will make it more appealing to the reader. Guide your readers to focus on the most valuable content by directing their attention using bullet points or numbered sections. Use bold or italics to highlight key points. To test your newsletter take a step back and see what stands out. Make sure that what stands out from a distance is what you wanted the focus to be. Printing Tips Printing and mailing newsletters can be a hassle. Consider using a printing service that offers direct mailing. At Spectrum Color Printing & Mailing we help our clients overcome mailing challenges. Before mailing we verify addresses are valid and not duplicated. We perform inkjet addressing and drop it at the post office for you. Contact Us for our expert, reliable custom newsletter printing and mailing service.

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