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Tips for Brochure Designing and Printing

You can give a lot of information to people about your product or service through your brochure printing. However, it is necessary to get their attention first. You’ll need to make sure that your brochure doesn’t end up in the trash like a lot of junk mail. There are several ways to do this, from using surprising images or text to incorporating bright colors. However, you want to be sure that you’re not deviating from your company image when you design your brochure. So here are a few tips:


  • Keep it short. It’s always useful to keep your text short and clear. You don’t want your brochure to start looking like it’s full of fine print. This makes it too difficult to read and most people will give up before they've even begun. Instead, keep your text short and sweet and use a normal size font.

  • Subheadings, bold text, bullet points etc. Another great way to draw attention to your brochure is by dividing the text into smaller parts by using lists, bullet points and subheadings. Make sure each subheading is in bold. This way, people can look through the subheadings first and decide whether they want to read the rest. Even if they decide not to, you’ll still have given them some information about who you are and what you do through the subheadings.

  • Images. You definitely want to use images in your brochure to attract customers. You can’t have a brochure that’s all text. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s going to be the first thing your customers see, before they even glance at the text. So it needs to be something that draws them in. When using photos of people, make sure they’re natural and friendly-looking. Everyone responds to a smile. Your photo can contain bright colors but it’s best not to overuse these because it might end up looking garish.

  • Humor. Humor can definitely draw people to your brochure. But you should try to make sure that it’s not too complex. If you’re making references to things that your target audience won’t really understand, then this doesn’t serve the purpose. It’s also a good idea to remain politically correct when incorporating humor.

Contact us for more tips on designing a brochure and printing it. We are available for all your printing needs, from brochures and postcards to magazines and catalogues.

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