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Direct Mail Is as Effective as Ever!

Although digital marketing is garnering in popularity, direct physical mail marketing stays the course as a successful marketing avenue. This study revealed that businesses who used direct mailing as part of their marketing strategy, gained a 10% increase in visitors to their websites. Also revealed by the study - 56% of consumers considered direct mail “to be the 'most trustworthy' of media channels,” and 48% kept the businesses' mailings “for future reference.” Finally, it concluded that businesses which didn't utilize direct mail are hurting themselves since 33% of consumers state “they would have a negative view of a brand not offering printed communications.”

Another study, encompassing about 2,000 U.S. and 4,000 Canadian consumers, found that only 39% of consumers preferred emails concerning new products from businesses - but 60% of consumers really wanted postal mail marketing from businesses. The University of Kansas supports these conclusions by stating that “more than half of American households say they would actually like to receive more direct mail....”

Unlike most forms of internet marketing, direct mail is actually very effective for target demographics. Research revealed by YouGov show that low-income households (income of $40,000 and below) “respond strongly to directly mail....” They also reveal that charities receive more donations from direct responses than their social media or email solicitations. The Epsilon Targeting study revealed that “females ages 18 to 24 with incomes under $50,000...” choose direct mail as a preferred information source.

In closing, the University of Kansas postulates that for every dollar you spend on your direct mail marketing, you will receive about ten dollars in sales. Hence, direct mail is a required aspect of your marketing strategy because your costumers both expect and desire it.

Best of all, direct mail is relatively low-cost when compared to the high cost-per-click of social media marketing.

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