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Hot Tip from Direct Mail Printers: Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Whether you're considering producing a tri-fold mailer, an oversized postcard, a full-color catalog or any other creative direct mail piece, the ultimate purpose is to keep your brand in the minds of your current customers, make potential customers aware of your company and the products or services you offer and generate new and return business. And while it's pretty obvious that well-designed direct mail will always include certain components, such as your company contact information, easily identifiable brand/logo, etc., what may not be quite as apparent is that you also need to do more than simply feature and promote specific products or give a general overview of what you have to offer. Of course, these elements are likely to be the main focus of the piece, but in order to convert "window shoppers" into buyers, it's important not only to obtain and hold their interest (which a nicely designed piece will do), but then it must encourage and empower them to move from "thinking" to "doing." In our busy world – full of so many things vying for attention – you must include a clear Call-to-Action and make it easy, convenient and rewarding for customers to interact with you. Some examples: - Do you want customers to attend a special sale? Don't just send a flyer announcing a time and date, instead, include action-prompting incentives such as "Present this coupon for an additional 10% discount!" or a headline declaring "The first 100 customers will receive a free gift!" - Need to attract new customers to the professional services you provide? An attractive brochure detailing what you have to offer will garner a higher response rate if it highlights a reason to initiate contact with you...such as "Call today and mention this brochure to schedule a free consultation." Or "Visit our website and enter this special promo-code for a free download of our latest e-book." Whatever type of response you want to encourage, use a great Call-to-Action to increase interest and generate excitement. So...want to increase your response rate or have other questions about your direct mail campaign? Spectrum Color Printing's team of direct mail printers and graphic designers would love to put their expertise to work for you–contact us today. See? A Call-to-Action in action!

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